Becky Howe Smith always seemed to enjoy being upside down. She had that opportunity to do that on the Balance Beam.

“It is such a rush that you get, being upside down and flipping and twisting, and knowing that no one is touching you. It is cool! It’s fun! Wow!”

This is one of the quotes made by Becky Howe Smith who was Coldwater’s first outstanding gymnast. You can read all about her adventures in “Coldwater’s Finest.” Read all about her amazing freshman year as she dazzled the crowds with never before seen gymnastic skills.

Some of Becky Howe’s teammates that are mentioned in “Coldwater’s Finest” are Karen Heinemann, Tracy Woods, Sabrina McLain, Kathy Rompf, Kim Grady, Julia Strobel Diane Branan, Angela Vanbuskirk, Suzie Kirby, Tracy Winger, and Marnie Szafranski. If you would like to read up on this very interesting story, let me know. I will make sure to get a book to you.

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