Coldwater’s Finest

It was arguably Coldwater High School’s finest backfield tailback Neil Newton and fullback Chuck Neutz. They rushed for 1,626 yards during the 1980 season. Neutz was also Coldwater’s first 13-foot pole vaulter. Yet, Chuck Neutz’s abilities were surpassed by something even greater his courage! Some graduates of Coldwater High School benefit others by entering careers of medicine, or education, or social work. Kit Snyder helps people where they may need it the most in their pocketbook! Becky Howe set record after record, while leading her team to some of the best days of CHS gymnastics. Yet Becky Howe was more than a great athlete. She was a pioneer!  As high school seniors the Gilchrist twins accomplished almost everything two young golfers could hope to achieve. Yet there was one trophy they had never won. Sandra Jo Shiery was content to stay home and enjoy life with her family and friends. Yet bowling beckoned her to leave behind her loved ones and succeed many miles from Midway Lanes. Each victory will help you some other to win was true in the shot putting career of Aaron Tagert. Little did he realize the cumulative effect of all his success, until one day all that he worked for came down to just one more attempt. Umpires lead the life of a professional baseball player without the glamor. Performing demanding work daily before millions of intolerant fans, they never receive applause. It the life of Coldwater’s Tim and Bill Welke, and Jeff Kellogg. Their story is one of Coldwater’s finest.

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